Equipment & Prices


Each party of cyclists will be furnished with a rucksack which includes enough locks for the group, a pump, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and basic tools for readjusting saddle heights.

ADULT - MTB (Mountain Bike)

Our adult MTB's offer the versatility needed to traverse the Island, be it on road, cycle tracks or bridleways.




Our MTB's are a unisex frame

  • 1 Day - £15
  • 1 Week - £70


ADULT - Hybrid

Our hybrid bikes cater for those who want more on road action,whilst still being able to negotiate the cycle paths.  With 700c wheels and slick tyres they have less rolling resistance than the MTB's.


Both ladies and gents frames are available

  • 1 Day - £15
  • 1 Week - £70


*ADULT - Tourer

Our touring bikes are for those of you that want to travel around the Island with your belongings.  **Pannier bags and lights are also available.




Both ladies and gents frames are available

  • 1 Day - £20
  • 1 Week - £105


* We do have some 15" frames which open up the possibilities for older children to ride (However, we would recommend they carry less than their adult counterpart).

** Pannier bags and lights are included on hires of  3 days or more.

ADULT - Tandem

Our Tandem bike offers a different way to see the Island



  • 1 Day - £30
  • 1 Week - £105


KIDS - Cycle

Our kiddies cycles are all a smaller version of the adult counterparts, making your youngsters feel grown up


  • 1 Day - £12.50
  • 1 Week - £55


KIDS - Tag-a-long

The Tag-A-Long is ideal for a child that is learning to ride on their own, it offers both the child and the parent the comfort that they are riding assisted

  • 1 Day - £13
  • 1 Week - £70


KIDS - Trailer

Our kiddies trailers can be attached to the rear of most adult bikes and can carry 2 children at maximum capacity with a weight not exceeding 40KG's




  • 1 Day - £15
  • 1 Week - £70



KIDS - Seat

Fitted to the rear downtube of most adult bikes these child seats are able to carry upto 22KG's in weight.  They have adjustable straps and footrests


(We charge a 1 off fee to fit the seats, so whether your hiring for a day or 10 it's the same price)


  • Fitting Charge - £5


LUGGAGE - Trailer

Ideal for those that are coming to the Island with luggage and want to get to their destination on cycle.  You can then detach the trailer and go off mountain biking.




  • 1 Day - £10
  • 1 Week - £50