Route 4 - Cowes

The more scenic route to leave Cowes, As you will see from the map it does have several permutations mid ride which can take you through Parkhurst Forest.  The full route takes you mainly on road down to Newtown Creek and then back inland toward Newport.  Personally my advice would be to cycle clockwise using the old railway line first and then decide if you would like to head through the forest or continue onwards to Newtown.  The views coming back this way into Cowes are then left for you to savour at the end of your ride.

Distance: 28KM / 16 Miles or Approx 19KM / 12 Miles if cutting through Parkhurst Forest

Basic Map - PDF for printing

Larger Google Map

Advanced Map & Further Options

Shorter Route (Through Parkhurst Forest)

Shorter Route (Through Parkhurst Forest and more scenic section along the River Medina)

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