Sandown / Shanklin / Ventnor

Sandown, Shanklin & Ventnor are mainly towns that cater for tourism with a plethora of Shops, cafes and entertainment on offer. 

Route 11 - Sandown

A short ride that goes through Sandown and takes you along the seafront towards Yaverland (passing by Dinosaur Isle and The Isle of Wight Zoo) sweeping around the country roads towards adgestone and then rejoins the Sandown cyclway bringing you back into Sandown.

Distance: 8KM / 5 Miles

Route 12 - Shanklin / Ventnor

As you will see from the elevation of this ride it's a challenging up and down ride as Ventnor is known for being quite hilly.  From Shanklin you will pass through the beautiful village of Bonchurch before heading into Ventnor.  Once through Wroxall the old railway line takes you back towards Shanklin.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 13 - Sunshine Trail

A great family ride that is mainly off road and runs through the towns of Sandown, Shanklin, Godshill and Wroxall.  A great way to see some wildlife and stay off the beaten track.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 15 - Eastern Loop

This route will take you around the eastern side of the Island showing you some of the most scenic area's on the Isle of Wight.  It is circular so can be completed either way.  Please note the elevation as this may decide your ride.  This route will not be marked as it is a combination of many other routes.  This Route has been mapped using

Distance: 45KM / 28 Miles

Point to Point Routes from Sandown

These routes have been mapped utilising the website:

Sandown to Cowes - 20KM or 12.5 Miles

Sandown to Freshwater Bay - To be added

Sandown to Ryde - To be added

Sandown to Newport - 12.5KM or 8 Miles