Newport is the largest town on the Island, it favours the residents rather than the tourism element due to the type of shops you will find.  Being in the centre of the Island, Newport acts as the hub and connects you to other parts of the Island easily.

Route 3 - Cowes

A nice steady route that utilises another old railway line that used to run down the side of the River Medina.  The route uses both side of the river via Newport and cross back via the Cowes to East Cowes chain ferry.  The East Cowes side of the route is mainly on road (Mainly quieter roads) and has a few steady inclines and declines too.  The Cowes side of the route is almost flat and well surfaced for cycling.

Distance: 15KM / 9 Miles

This route can be combined with Route 9 and part of Route 13 to make up National Route 23 (See Route 23)

Route 4 - Cowes

Starting on the outskirts of Newport this route can be cycled a couple of ways, it's a circular route that will take you via Cowes

Distance: 28KM / 16 Miles or Approx 19KM / 12 Miles if cutting through Parkhurst Forest

This route can be combined with the Round the Island Route to meet Route 1

Route 9 - Newport

Utilising the Sandown Cycleway between Newport and Merstone the first part of this trail is off road, at Merstone it turns further inland and passes close to the villages of Rookley and Gatcombe on mainly quiet roads.

Distance: 16KM / 10 Miles

This route can be combined with the Route 13 to take you through to Sandown 

Route 10 - Carisbrooke

If you like riding on country roads then this is right up your street.  Starting at Carisbrooke and meandering around the countryside village of Shorwell it also goes nearby the villages of Chillerton and Rookley.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 14 - Western Loop

This route will take you around the western side of the Island showing you some of the most scenic area's on the Isle of Wight.  It is circular so can be completed either way.  Please note the elevation as this may decide your ride.  This route will not be marked as it is a combination of many other routes.  This Route has been mapped using

Distance: 53KM / 33 Miles

Route 23 - National Route (Cowes to Sandown)

The Railway line that stretches from Cowes to Newport also continues on the other side of Newport and goes as far through as Sandown. This is not a circular route like a lot of the other routes mentioned on our site.  However with our Branches in Cowes & Sandown you do have the option of hiring the cycles on a 1 way trip. This Route has been mapped using

Distance: 21KM / 12 Miles

This route can be combined with Route 13 to create a loop at the Sandown end.