1/2 Day....

Route 2 - Yarmouth

This route is a much tougher day than it's Route 1 counterpart but also much more rewarding if you love great views (So don't forget your camera).

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 4 - Cowes

The more scenic route to leave Cowes, As you will see from the map it does have several permutations mid ride which can take you through Parkhurst Forest.  The full route takes you mainly on road down to Newtown Creek and then back inland toward Newport.  Personally my advice would be to cycle clockwise using the old railway line first and then decide if you would like to head through the forest or continue onwards to Newtown.  The views coming back this way into Cowes are then left for you to savour at the end of your ride.

Distance: 28KM / 16 Miles or Approx 19KM / 12 Miles if cutting through Parkhurst Forest

Route 6 - Brighstone

This route comes out of the south end of Brighstone village and heads east towards it's furthest point at Chale.  A lovely figure 8 ride that does have a few steady inclines to get over.

Distance: 20KM / 12 Miles

Route 7 - Ryde

This ride starts at Ryde Pier head and undulates through the countryside, passing by Haven Street (Which is a good stop for the Steam Railway) and the town of Brading.  Once your out of Ryde town the scenery is very much that of countryside.  It's a challenging ride that is mainly on road with the only off road section a little of the former railway line which connects Cowes to Sandown.

Distance: 25KM / 15 Miles

Route 8 - Ryde

A nice ride that encompasses both the coast of the North East tip of the Island with some more inland countryside.  Starting in Ryde and going through the villages of Seaview, St Helens, Bembridge and Brading it offers something for everyone along the way.  There is an alternative shortcut that cuts out the Bembridge section.

Distance: 25KM / 15 Miles or Shorter Route 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 10 - Carisbrooke

If you like riding on country roads then this is right up your street.  Starting at Carisbrooke and meandering around the countryside village of Shorwell it also goes nearby the villages of Chillerton and Rookley.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 12 - Shanklin

As you will see from the elevation of this ride it's a challenging up and down ride as Ventnor is known for being quite hilly.  From Shanklin you will pass through the beautiful village of Bonchurch before heading into Ventnor.  Once through Wroxall the old railway line takes you back towards Shanklin.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles

Route 13 - Sunshine Trail

A great family ride that is mainly off road and runs through the towns of Sandown, Shanklin, Godshill and Wroxall.  A great way to see some wildlife and stay off the beaten track.

Distance: 19KM / 12 Miles